Welcome to Cow Named! Are you looking for a name for that new baby calf? We have loads of cow names to choose from. We've been herding cow names for years. We try to round up all the good cow names so that our visitors have a great naming resource. Whether you are looking for calf names, bull names, Brahma names, famous names, you name it...we have something for you. We'll start out by giving you a few cow naming pointers. A good way to come up with a cow name is to consider events or holiday related things around the time of the birth of your calf. For example, a calf born in the middle of March could be Patrick for Saint Patrick's Day. A calf born on or around the 4th of July could be Patriot. Another good way to come up with cow names is to derive them from appearance. A brown calf could be named Cleveland or Chocolate. Personality is another good starting point when choosing a cow name. That calf that won't settle down can become Frisky. The one that is too calm could be called Dopey. Look to the parents for names and try to pick a theme. What famous duos or groups can you think of that would include the parents or a brother or sister. Television families make for great naming schemes. If you are having trouble coming up with names yourself, ask a family member. Children often come up with the best names and they find it exciting. So grab your child, a niece, a nephew, a grandchild, or the neighbor's kid and let them name a cow. Naming a cow is not as difficult as you imagined. You just need to look around you and if the first name you think of isn't right, just moooove on. Since naming a cow can be downright exhausting, especially if you have a whole herd, we have built up some lists of great cow names to help you out. Use one, use two, use them all if you have enough cattle. If you have more cattle name suggestions that we could add to our lists, send us an email. We're always looking to increase our brand. We hope you enjoy our lists of cow names and find them useful. Good luck naming your cow.